Science Society

About Us

Composing of some of the school’s senior science students, the Science Society of St. Bridget’s Convent is one of the school’s most prestigious clubs, that focuses on bringing to light of how essential to life, and practical, science can really be. Here in St. Bridget’s Convent, we believe that science is a field that opens up a limitless number of possibilities, both to oneself, and the world around them.


The Science Society of St. Bridget’s Convent is committed to doing just this, by inspiring curiosity and an attitude of discovery in the hearts of all the lives it touches. Dedicated to promote the knowledge of students, our society strives to fulfill this mission annually, one curious mind at a time.

Board of officials for the year 2022 / 2023

Seated (L to R): Kusalya Fernando (President), Ms Hasanthi Wickramarachchi (Teacher-In-Charge), Ms Darshani Kariyawasam (Teacher-In-Charge), Ms Yvonne Hettige Deputy Principal), Rev. Sr. Sujani Fernando(Principal – Collegiate School), Ms Suvendrika Madawala (Teacher-In-Charge), Ms Dilini Yatanwala (Teacher-In-Charge), Ms Arunali Welmilla (Teacher-In-Charge), Ranudi Phillips (Secretary)

 Standing, 1st Row (L to R): Sayuri Mabogoda (Committee Member), Rashini Perera (Treasurer), Shruthika Prathapan (Asst. Secretary), Tharushi Pathirana (Co-Editor), Laknara Pieris (Committee Member), Thepulee Wannakukorala (Committee Member), Amata Muthugama (Committee Member), Vinugi Abeysiri (Committee Member)

 Standing, 2nd Row (L to R): Saumya Pandithakoralege(Asst. Treasurer), Nimasha Wickremaratne (Co-Editor), Saruka Thevananthan (Committee Member), Adshaya Sutharson (Co-Editor), Nenuri Fonseka (Vice President), Andrea Weerakoon (Committee Member), Sayumi Bandara (Committee Member), Prashasthi Peiris (Committee Member)

Annual Science Day – Zeitreise ‘23

Zeitreise: the German word for “Time Travel” is one word that encompasses the spirit of this year’s science day. Science, with answers to most of the things in the known universe, is one that is yet to discover the secrets of time. Hence, this year, on the 4th of May 2023, the society showcased the ever-growing field of science, and its constant evolution through the ages, by means of dramas, songs, dances, “magic” shows and more. The day was open to all schools around the country, as well as our budding Bridgetine scientists.

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Launch of Science Magazine: SciAM (2023 Edition)

(“Science and I”), was a Science Magazine, published by the Science Society of St. Bridget’s Convent, with the hopes of encouraging young enthusiasts, to pursue the ever-growing field of science. Included in the magazine, were the award-winning articles of our students, and a number of various other articles that truly showcase how enjoyable and interesting science can really be. The launch was conducted during the proceedings of the Science Day, with over 200 copies sold, just within a week of publishing. 

Annual Inter-School Science Quiz

Followed by the Annual Science Day, the quiz was conducted for roughly 20 schools around the country in the form of spot tests for Biology, Physics and Chemistry, as well as a written paper for Combined Mathematics. The preliminary round of the quiz commenced at 12.30pm of the 4th of May in the school premises and was a huge success. Finalist teams St. Joseph’s College – Colombo 10 and Ave Maria Convent, Negombo battled the final round out on stage during the proceedings of the Science Day, where the champion school, St. Joseph’s College, was able to take home the coveted trophy.

Annual Grade Science and Mathematics Quizzes

The Annual Grade Science and Mathematics Quizzes are a proud tradition of the society that dates back to many years ago. As per tradition, the quizzes were conducted for all students of Grade 6 to 11, on 2nd of May 2023. The quiz was in the form of a  written paper, that students were given around 1 hour  to complete. The questions tested them,  not only for their knowledge on their own syllabus, but much also the practical implications that they can bring.

The students with the highest number of marks from each subject, in each grade were recognized for their talents and knowledge and were awarded with certificates in the Annual Science Day Prize Distribution.

Annual Inter-House Quiz

The Inter-House quiz held on the 28th of February is an event that annually attempts to induce friendly competition within the hearts of the school’s brightest science enthusiasts. Teams of four from three categories: Junior (Grades 6 – 8), Intermediate (Grades 9 – 11) and Senior (Grades 12 and 13) from Borgia, Coudert, Griaux and Melizan gathered in order to complete a set of digital quizzes, that, spread over the course of 5 rounds. The quiz truly brought out the best in our young Bridgetines, and such was evident in the tight competition that was buzzing in the atmosphere this year.

Champions of the Junior Category: Melizan

Champions of the Junior Category: Borgia

Champions of the Junior Category: Melizan

Kreativ: The Creative Competition

For the students of our school that thrive on creativity, the society organized Kreativ; a month-long competition in the month of February that allowed students to showcase their innovation for all things science, via a Creative Writing, Poetry and Poster Designing competition. The winning entries too, were presented with certificates at the Annual Science Day. Additionally, as an attempt to appreciate their effort, their articles were then published in the society’s magazine for the year as well.