Photography Club

About us

The photography society of St.Bridget’s Convent is an outstanding group of eager to develop young photographers from grades nine to A/L. 

We actively participate in providing photography support in comprehensive coverage of all possible school events for school record purpose, to provide to teachers and students as memories of their participation, for school web site and facebook page updates and to use in making various presentations for school activities. We ensure that no moment goes unnoticed. Through our pictures, we tell the story of our school.

Our members participate in photography competitions to showcase their skills and to challenge themselves to reach new heights. To our photographers it is not just about winning; it’s about the journey of self improvement and artistic exploration. 

Our members also organize informative workshops that serve as a platform for learning and growth. Whether you’re a beginner eager to grasp the basics or an experienced photographer looking to refine your techniques, our workshops cater to all levels of training. These sessions are led by experts in the field and provide valuable insights into the art and science of photography.

Our strength lies not only in our passion for photography but also in our teamwork. We are more than just a club; we are a close family of photographers who work happily together, sharing our knowledge and supporting one another at all times. 

As Bridgetines, we are dedicated to make the name of our Alma Mater shine bright. Together, we form a community that not only captures moments but also creates them. 

Board of officials for the years 2022 / 2023