Environmental Society

Committee for the Year 2022 2023

President           – Claudia Perera
Vice President    – Sruthi Karunakaran
Treasure            – Nisumi Uggallage
Secretary           – Kalindhi Seneviratne

Committee Members:
Kavithma Wickramasinghe ,    Olu Wadigasinghe,    Seyara Corea ,  Vaishali Arunagiri, Ameera Sulaiman,     Aanya Nanayakkara,   Amandie Jayawardena, Rasali Rodrigo,  Nehara De Silva  and Vishmi De Alwis

Teacher in charge : Mrs. Michele Gunaratne

About Us

Understanding effective methods for caring for our planet is of utmost importance. We must adapt our mindset and take necessary actions to ensure the sustainability of our environment.

Our Aim

We must take the time to appreciate the vast array of natural resources that our planet has to offer. From the lush green forests to the vast seas and oceans, our world is brimming with life and beauty.
However, it is also crucial that we take steps to preserve and protect these resources through the cultivation of eco-friendly habits and practices. By raising environmental awareness and promoting sustainability, we can all work together to ensure that our planet remains healthy and thriving for future generations to come.
Let us take responsibility for our actions and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Pawsitive Impact Mural and Exhibition  #SAVETHESRILANKANKOTIYA

The Sri Lankan Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya), a leopard subspecies exclusive to Sri Lanka, is currently classified as an
endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
Pawsitive Impact was an exhibition and mural display organized by the SBC Environmental Society for a Leopard awareness challenge by the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society Youth Wing.
The exhibition was held on the 31st of July 2023 in the Blue Hall. The mural produced by the talented Bridgetines of grade 10 upwards was displayed on the canteen wall. 

The St. Bridget’s team was placed 2nd at this event.


The Environment Society of St. Bridget’s Convent spearheaded this event, which invited students to participate in an exhibition showcasing the various aspects of leopard conservation. The Exhibition aimed to educate and encourage young minds to take an active role in preserving the Sri Lankan Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya), one of the most
treasured species in the world.

The guest speaker was Ms. Bindiya Senarath who was a past pupil and lawyer by profession. She is a wildlife photographer who shared her experiences with the guests and students.

The students were eligible to showcase their talents under the categories of Photography, Poetry, Art, Craft And All exhibits were based on the following theme regarding on the Economic Value: Protecting the leopard and using its economic value
for tourism without over-exploitation.

Zero Waste Project   Partnership – Zero Trash

The Environmental society in the school is promoting the prioritization of the 3R process among its students, intending to reduce waste production by encouraging the contribution of plastic bottles and tins.

Workshop on Zero Waste:

Guest Speaker – Mrs. Amanthi Perera
Venue – Junior Lecture Hall