Aesthetic Facilities

Western Music Room

A spacious and peaceful room furnished with a piano and other western musical teaching material is to be found in the third of the blue hall library building adjoining the eastern music room. Students in grades 6 to 11 are to be found here gaining competency and skill in their subject as well as training to perform musical items for various functions of the school.

Art Room

Is situated adjoining the junior library in the second floor of the blue hall library building. Students in grade 6 to 13 are found here gaining competency and skill in their chosen aesthetic subject. The art room provides the environment for students to develop skills related to drawing, painting, sculpting, carving and many more artistic approaches. Many a successful effort of painting are seen put up on the walls as an encouragement to younger students. The art room also supports the students of the bridgetian brush strokes society in their attempts to develop the artistic skills of bridgetians.

Kandyan Dancing room

Kandyan Dancing is conducted in a spacious room on the 3rd floor of the blue hall library building. Lessons and practices for students of grades 6 to Advanced level are conducted here, so that students learn their chosen field of art as a subject, as well as receive training to prepare dance items for various school functions.

Eastern Music Room

Students from grade 6 to Advanced level acquire competency in Eastern Music in the Eastern Music Room. Various eastern musical instruments are provided for the use of the teacher to impart knowledge to the student, for students to gain familiarity of the musical instruments and for the use of the school Hewisi Band and Eastern Music Orchestra.