Prefects' Programmes Year 2023/2024

Board of Prefects Year 2023 2024


“Elemental ‘24”, a day which marked the annual Prefects’ Day of St. Bridget’s Convent, organised by the Board of Prefects 23/24, brought together prefects of 20 schools, promoting fellowship and good will among all present.

It was held on the 20th of April, 2024 at the school premises, beginning with group activities to strengthen and develop skills essential to becoming a good leader. Following that was the formal session, which commenced with distinguished past pupil and Head Prefect Dr. Nirmala Pieris, gracing the occasion as Chief Guest.

The day’s theme of “One Life to Live” was reflected through the many entertainment items on display, even with a drama incorporating the elements, written by the Prefects.

The theme being “One Life to Live” emphasised on the importance of seizing each day with purpose and that was the message relayed throughout the event.


The International Children’s Day was celebrated on the 1st of October 2023.

The Day comprised of a special programme for the children & their well-being and numerous games and fun activities were organized by the Board of Prefects.

It was a day filled with fun & happiness to all the children in the school to celebrate their special day!

Prefects’ Investiture – 4th August 2023

The board of prefects for the years 2023/2024 were appointed on 4th August 2023. The day’s programme commenced with Holy mass to implore God’s abundant blessings on the newly appointed prefects. The chief celebrant present was Rev.Fr.Gemunu Dias, General Manager of Catholic Private Schools Colombo. The badges were blessed during the celebration of Holy Mass.

This was followed by the march past of the four house squads in the collegiate school premises lead by the Eastern and Western bands. The board 22/23 relinquished their duties and thereafter the ceremony of announcing the names and pinning the badges of office on the new prefects then took place. 

The board of Prefects 23/24 is led by the school Head Prefect Methnara Fernando.

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