Rose Virginie Club

St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, born Rose Virgine Pelletier was a French roman catholic nun, best known as the foundress of the congregation of our lady of charity of the Good Sheperd.

The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity provided shelter, food, vocational training and an opportunity for these girls and women to turn their lives around.

 Rose Virginie club was started with the aim of loving God whole heartedly and helping the society following the steps of St Mary Euphrasia.

Tamil Medium Club


1.     Year 2021 – Collected Exercise books and sent to three orphanages, with the help of Rev. Sr. Regis Christopher and the co-operation of Rev, Sr. Jeewani Martinus.

2.     Year 2023 - Fund raised through bookmark project to purchase stationary items, groceries required by the orphanage at Hanwella. (February 5th 2023)

2023 Committee Members

President                – Angeleisha Rajkumar

Vice president         – Shannon Loganathan

Secretary                  – Chinthana Fernando

Vice Secretary         – Thioni Anthony

Treasurer                  – Jeneka Fernando

Vice Treasurer         – Fratny Suresh

Teachers in Charge – Rev. Sr. Benita Lambert and Mrs. Jayanthi George 

Committee image
Group photograph

Sinhala Medium Club

Committee Members - 2023


Vice President


Vice Secretary


Vice Treasurer

Eshani Dissanayake

Adeesha Wisidagama

Rochelle Jayathilake

Rashini Perera

Verushka De Bruin

Sanugi Fernando



  1. Bookmark sale to share the word of St. Euphrasia among students. These bookmarks feature inspirational quotes and images of St. Euphrasia, and are perfect for marking pages in textbooks, journals, or personal reading materials.
  2.  The presentation was structured in a way that encouraged the students to actively engage in learning about the mission of Our Mother and her life with Jesus Christ.
  3. Organized Essay and Art competition for students in grade 6-10. Students were encouraged to express their thoughts on the life and achievements of St. Mary Euphrasia and create artwork inspired by her story.
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