Achievements in Athletics

All Island School Games 2023



At this meet which was held on 23rd October 2023 at the Sugathadasa Stadium

Sashini Perera was placed  second in Discuss throw.

Western Province School Games 2023



At this meet which was held on 11th October 2023 at the Sugathadasa Stadium

Sashini Perera was placed  second in under 16 Putt shot.


At the above All Island Meet held at the Sugathadasa Stadium from 13th September to 16th September 2023 

the following St Bridget’s Convent athletes brought honour to the school.

Radini de Silva: placed 3rd in 400m and 4th in 200m

Sashini Perera: placed 3rd in Putt Shot and 5th in Discuss Throw

The relay team : placed 3rd in 4x100m and 5th in 4x400m

The team comprised of
Sathini Wickremasinghe , Kaneesha Solomonsz , Radini de Silva and Kisholi Senevirathne

Colombo Zonal Athletic Meet 2023

At the Zonal Athletic meet was held from 24.06.2023 to 27.06.2023 at Sugathadasa Stadium the performance of Bridget’s convent athletes are as follows.

Under 20 Girls

400M Hurdles : Shonaya Silva – 1st place

High jump : Kiyana Yatawaka – 3rd place

Under 18 Girls

400m Hurdles:  Alena Jayasinghe – 2nd place

Under 16 Girls

300m Hurdles :    – Kanisha Solomons – 1st place          – Samprita Vijayakumar – 3rd place

Shot putt : Sashini Perera – 1st place

Discus Throw : Sashini Perera – 1st Place

Under 14 Girls

Natasha Abeykoon was awarded the Under 14 Girls BEST ATHLETE for her achievement in High jump for the Performance of 1.44m.

80M Hurdles: Sajalee Fernando – 1st Place

Shot putt : Akeshi Rupasinghe – 2nd place

Under 12 Girls

Long Jump : Kiara Jayamanne (Merit)

60 M  : – Kiara Jayamanne (Merit)       – Nishelli Rodrigo (Merit)

High Jump:  – Mickella Sirinivas (Merit)

4 x 100 M
Kiara Jayamanne (Merit)    – Shenya Weerasinghe (Merrit)    – Nishelli Rodrigo (Merit)      – Mickella Sirinivas (Merit)




Junior National Athletic Meet 2023

In the Under 23 age category.

Kavya Jayasuriya 

was placed 2nd in Putt Shot 

In the under 16 age category,

Sashini Perera was placed 

5th in Discuss Throw and 6th in Putt shot

John Tarbot Meet 2022 - Athletics

On 10th December 2022 at Diyagama Mahinda Rajapakse Stadium
Sashini Perera was placed 
2nd place in Discuss Throw 
3rd place in Putt shot
in the Under 14 Age category.


All Island School Games 2022 – Athletics

In December 2022,
Sashini Perera was placed
1st in the Shot-put event
in the Under 14  Age category
At the above meet ,  
Kavya Jayasuriya  was placed 
3rd in the Shot-put event
in the under 20 Age category .