Interact Club

"Striving for Stability through Unity and Responsibility"

Our Mission:
To be a club that serves our Alma Mater and community to the best of our abilities; for the sake of the future of both and not for personal glory; to instill the value of “Service above self” among our members.
Our Vision:
To produce Interactors with good morals, who will carry on our mission for generations to come.
Board of officials for the years 2022 / 2023
Seated (Left to Right) : Int. Shehali Kularatne (President), Ms Shanthini Shanmuganathan (Staff Advisor), Rev. Sr. Jeewani Martinus (Principal), Ms Yvonne Hettige(Deputy Principal), Ms Piumanthi Obeysekara (Staff Advisor), Int. Noeli Jesudas (Secretary)
Standing First Row (Left to Right) : Int. Alena Jayasinghe (International Understanding Directress), Int. Milni Fernando (Club Service Directress), Int. Rafaa Mowlana (Finance Directress), Int. Supethma Gammanpila (Community  Service Directress),  Int. Sachithya Ranawake (Asst Green Life Directress), Int. Janeesha Nanayakkara (Green Life Directress), Int. Dhiluky Jayawardena (Asst International Understanding Directress), Int. Minali Bamunusinghe Arachchi (Asst Community
Service Directress), Int. Taryn Martenstyn (Asst Club Service Directress)
Standing Second Row (Left to Right) : Int. Thenuki De Almeida (Asst Treasurer), Int. Avindi De Souza (Treasurer), Int. Safia Lafir (Vice President), Int. Tiara Anthony (Asst Secretary), Int. Ashmini Hettiwatta (Asst Editor),  Int. Nadha Maharoof (Editor)

by Int. Tehara Armstrong The Interact Awareness Session was a project carried out under the avenue of club service by the Interact Club of St. Bridget's Convent. This project which was carried out on the 14th of September from 2pm to 4pm in the school hall brought together some of the most experienced and exceptional interactors across Sri Lanka from the District Interact Council of District 3220. The guest speakers were PHF. DIR. Int. PP. Aamir Akram, DIS Int. PP. Uleena Udabage, Int. Sameeha Nizam , IPADIS. PP. Chenuli Wijayanama, IPHF. PDIR.PP. Julian Fernandopulle and IPDIT. Rezon David.
The committee members of the project were Amarasie Perera, Caron Thumbawila, Sanuli Abeysena, Onellie Kelly and Senara Ranawaka.
The aim of this project was to educate, enlighten and advice club members on the various aspects of the Interact movement as well as the importance and dedication of the role of an interact leader. Various activities and games were carried out in order to engage the audience in order to make it an interactive and engaging session.
The session witnessed the audience sharing their ideas and inputs on various topics as well as engaging with the guest speakers. Overall, the project was an immense success and had an effective impact on each and every member of the club

33rd Interact District Assembly

The Interact District Assembly takes place to mark the conclusion of a successful interact year and to embrace the promise of a new one.  It recognizes and rewards them with a series of special awards on both an individual and club level for not only their hard work and contribution throughout the year.It strives to provide equal opportunities to all, while encouraging healthy competition and inclusivity among all clubs in the District. 

The Interact Club of St. Bridget’s Convent received the following awards and citations at the 33rd  Interact District Assembly :

  • Interact District Citation
  • Club Citation
  • Executive Board Citation
  • Community Service Citation
  • Green Life Citation
  • First Place Interaction Colombo – Girls (Interaction Shield)
  • Best Green Life Project – Down To Earth (Honourable Mention)
  • Best Secretary – Int. Noeli Jesudas (1st Honourable Mention)



Date : 23.05.2023
Chairperson : Int. Hanaya Hewamallika

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Dream Big is a two phase project carried out to promote women empowerment. Women empowerment is a comprehensive concept and multidimensional.
This concept was brought forward through this project in two phases:


For the first phase of this project we published our very own e-magazine containing content such as life stories of well-known women, tips to face and overcome difficult situations and motivation to hold on to oneself despite all the unfortunate circumstances. The goal of this magazine is to serve as a guide and motivate young girls to face life and to carry on regardless of the hardships in life.


Phase two was a session hosted by PDIR. Int. PP. Wiranya Divitotawela to motivate young girls to be the best version of themselves while understanding a women’s sense of self worth and their ability to determine their own choices and to help them understand the importance of standing up for each other as every time a woman stands up for herself she stands up for all women.


Date : 18.05.2023
Chairperson : Int. Dirithi Bamunusinghe Arachchi

We the Interact Club of St. Bridget’s Convent decided to prepare cards wishing the best of luck to all the students sitting for their Ordinary Level exam this month as a way of showing our support and encouragement to all those sitting for the exam while also helping in making them feel more confident and prepared for one of the biggest hurdles in their life. Over 170
hand made cards by our very own club members in grades 9,10 and 12 were handed over to the students.


Date : 12.05.2023
Chairperson : Int. Keyara Perera

Project Little Chefs is an initiative by the Interact Club of St. Bridget’s Convent for our very own Bridgteens to show case their culinary talents while also promoting the importance of not only consuming but also preparing a healthy meal. The project was a massive success with the registration of twenty teams along with the participation of parents and friends of the contestants who showed their support to all the teams throughout the competition. We as a club are proud to achieve one of the main goals of this project which is the consumption and preparation of a healthy diet not only at our homes but also in school as well.

The competition was judged by Miss Panchamee Hewavissenti, a writer, journalist, linguist and culinarian who is presently engaged in research regarding culinary traditions of Sri Lanka for PhD and she was assisted by Miss Chamila Fernando and Miss Piumica. Wining teams from the junior and senior category were awarded with certificates and gifts.


Date : 07.03.2023
Chairperson : Int. Oneli Nonis

‘ H O P E ‘ is a community service initiative carried out with the motive of supporting a cancer patient with a low income as the medications for cancer treatments can be quite costly.

The organizing committee managed to collect a total of Rs. 150,000 of donations which was donated to a 13 year old boy in Bulathgama who is currently being treated at the cancer hospital and is raised by a single parent.

Make a Wish

Date : 18.02.2023
Chairperson : Int. Danella De Cruz

‘Make a wish’ is a community service project initiated by the Interact club of St. Bridget’s convent. The pure intention of the project ‘Make a wish’ is to support underprivileged students by donating essential items such as books,
bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, pencil cases, and other stationery items.

Through this project, an interactive and enjoyable day was organized for all the little children by engaging them in various activities such as drawing, singing and exciting games such as musical chairs and dancing statues. It was truly a fulfilling experience for all involved. We successfully completed the project and hope that our small contribution towards the school will make a significant impact on the students’ educational journey and inspire them to pursue their dreams.


Date : 17.02.2023
Chairperson : Int. Supethma Gammanpila

Project ‘A day to remember’ is a community service initiative carried out by the Interact Club of St. Bridget’s Convent. The main objective of this project is to overcome social divide through providing an educational and insightful tour to few underprivileged students who have not visited Colombo before due to many unfortunate reasons.

According to the day’s agenda the students were taken to the Sri Lanka National Museum, Colombo Planetarium, Galle face beach and the Lotus Tower. Lunch was provided from The Colombo Hilton Hotel while transport was provided in a double Decker bus from Ebert Silva Holdings.


Date : 28.01.2023
Chairperson : Int. Avisha Senewiratne

‘A Hand to Connect’ is a project initiated under the avenues of community service and International understanding. The sole objective of this project is to build understanding between all human beings despite any differences one might have, promoting ‘Inclusivity in Diversity.’ 

In this project the committee obtained an opportunity to visit various religious institutions and assist them with their basic activities conducted to clean the institution to provide a clean and peaceful environment for the worshippers. Through this project we were able to develop and strengthen the bond between various communities and learn and understand their
culture and norms.


Date : 11.01.2023
Chairperson : Int. Prishani Wellangoda

Project ‘Thai Pongal Celebrations’ was an International Understanding and Community Service initiative carried out with the motive of celebrating the Thai Pongal festival through donating a parcel consisting of dry rations worth Rs. 9, 000. The parcels were donated to the families of the minor staff employed at an HNB bank in Colombo.