Astronomy Society

About Us

Welcome to the Astronomy Club of St. Bridget’s Convent, Colombo 7! Discover the cosmos with our engaging activities, from fun sessions and organized quizzes to educational talks by resourceful experts. Ignite your curiosity as we host exciting competitions and gather every Monday till 3.30 pm to explore the universe together. Join us in unraveling the mysteries of the night sky!


Board of officials for the year 2022 / 2023

President – Melinsa Fonseka
Vice President – Natasha Perera
Secretary – Vihangi Jayawardana
Vice Secretary – Uththami Ranasinghe
Treasurer – Sathini Wickramasinghe
Vice Treasurer – Sanuthi Liyanage

Teachers inchargeMiss Surangi Botheju
                             – Miss Anoja Fernando


Experience one of our club’s unique traditions: Egg rockets! Join us for exhilarating launches and scientific fun.

Discover boundless creativity at our club,a haven for young talents in drawing and creative writing.join us for exciting competitions and nurture your artistic abilities.

Art competition that was held with the topics ‘’into a blackhole’’ and “Beyond
the milky way.

‘’If I ever met an alien’’ a creative story written by two club members in a
creative writing competition

Another short story written by a club member about the topic “Into the multiverse”.