School Emblem

The school emblem depicts in essence the heart of the school. The rational for its functioning and for its role within and without is reflected in the, ‘Gently and Firmly’.

The Code of Ethics, the rules that govern the behavior of students, the goals and objectives of discipline are embedded in the very soothing words, ‘Gently and Firmly’. Notwithstanding the texture of softness, it commands and holds within it the meaning of education for the whole community.

What do the other symbols indicate?

  • The fountain – a fountain of learning and knowledge where the Bridgetines past, present and future, drink long and deep ;
  • The two little birds – represent the young, ‘Our Nation’s Treasured Heritage’;
  • A dark green leaf of the Oak together with acorns – bring in the strength and resilience of St. Bridget’s together with the prized value of steadfastness ;
  • The Shamrock leaf of lrish fame – speaks of the founders of the school, the lrish Nuns who pioneered the setting up of the Educational Institution St. Bridget’s Convent ;
  • The Shepherd’s Crook – The fact that children need guidance and protection. It is the Good Shepherd who looks after his fold and guides them safely across the path ;
  • TheSacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary – proclaim the spirituality on

    which the school is founded ;

The colour that predominates is green – the symbol of freshness and vitality together with the gold and white, the colour of the lrish flag gives the finishing touch to the emblem of St. Bridget’s Convent. The School anthem reflects in its chorus the school emblem and its significance.